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The Dog Days of Summer: Tips & Tricks to Beat the Heat

The Dog Days of Summer: Tips & Tricks to Beat the Heat

In our last entry, we introduced our healthy training rewards made with wholesome ingredients and boasting excellent nutritional value, all evidence pointed towards our BugBites being a superfood smorgasbord for your dog!

So, you’ve gotten over the idea of feeding insects to your pawesome pal? Get this: there are some foods that are healthy to us but that are actually dangerous for our furry companions. With 2016 looking like it might be the hottest year on record here are some summer snacks that you want to avoid giving to your dog.

Ice cream 

Some might enjoy a cool cone while strolling with their pup. Beware! Dairy is an allergen that can potentially upset your dog’s stomach. Luckily, BugBites are hypoallergenic. Why and how? Because crickets are not part of the mainstream available pet feed for dogs. This means that it is a safe alternative for dogs that have developed allergies to common ingredients that are overused in pet feed, such as chicken and beef.


These simple, bite-sized snacks are great for chowing down on a hot day for humans but contain a toxin that is dangerous for dogs. Keep them away from your pooch. Eat a BugBite, save a grape! ;)


Alcohol is no fun for your pet. Make sure that your canine companion doesn’t lap up any spilled beers during your next summer barbecue. 


Speaking of barbecues, what to do with the rest of that T-bone steak that you seared on the grill? Well, think twice before feeding any of the bones to your dog. It may seem counterintuitive, but bones that are cooked in any form can be harmful for your mutt; weakened bones may splinter and find themselves lodged in your pet’s digestive tract.


So yummy for us, so very bad for our fur friends. Chocolate contains theobromine, a toxic ingredient that can cause dehydration and an upset tummy. 

Corn on the cob

What? Yes. For us, a golden ear of corn is synonymous with summer. For our dogs, eating a corn on the cob can spell trouble; dogs have a difficult time digesting the cob itself and in many cases, even too many kernels ingested can be problematic.

If ever your dog happens to eat any of the aforementioned foods, contact your local Poison Control Center for indications on how to proceed and be mindful of any 24h vets available in your area.

Now, with this list brimming with don’ts, it seems like it’s high time for a do list. Here are some easy, DIY formulas to beat the heat!



A quick and easy treat. If you have any form of blender on hand, mix a safe fruit (apple, blueberries, oranges!) with some plain, non-fat yogurt and freeze them in an ice cube tray. Sweet relief! For a salty alternative, replace your safe fruit with a safe veggie (carrots, brocoli, cucumbers!), swap the yogurt for some broth and VOILÀ!


For this idea, you’ll need a dehydrator. Slice up a seedless watermelon into strips and let the pieces dry. The result: A fibrous, delicious, healthy and CHEWY treat for your best bud! 

We'd love to hear about your dog's favorite summer snacks, send us your pictures and comments on our Facebook and Instagram pages!



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