How bugs, UN research, and a good (vet) friend sparked an idea to change the pet food industry

Our story

Hi. We’re Wilder Harrier, a Montreal-based pet food company that’s doing things differently—because we want to make a difference. We didn’t start with an allergic dog or a picky eater. Our company was born from an unshakable desire to be a force for positive change.

Meet Phil. He was working in finance and dreaming about how he could do something more useful than helping companies buy each other. One day, he read a study about the incredible environmental benefits of insect protein and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

He shared the idea with his close friend, Paul, and his brother Mat, and the Wilder Harrier adventure began. The team considered where the research could have the most impact and reached out to a friend (the veterinarian) as well as a leading agrologist expert in pet nutrition. After learning that insects had a strong potential for allergy relief in dogs, they quickly realized they could help pets, their people, and the planet in a profound way.

Our founding dogfathers

  • Phil - Foodie, avid reader, aspiring DJ, going to write a book someday
  • Paul -  Engineer, die-hard Oasis fan, always up for a crazy challenge
  • Mat - Fashion guru, office jokester, loves a good round of golf
  • Lupe - 3-year-old rescue pup from Mexico, loves to stop and smell the pee (also Phil’s dog)

Phil, Paul, Mat



Rooted in purpose

The bugs aren’t for shock value. We’re all about finding more sustainable ways to feed our pets and help them thrive.

Honest goodness

We’re pet parents, too. And we’re here for it all: the good, the cuddly, and the “my dog throws up everything they eat” moments.

Adventurous at heart

We think weird is wonderful. By embracing the “what ifs” and “why nots” we can offer creative solutions to growing problems.

Fruitful friendships

You can’t do good things without good people. We’re proud to work with organizations who see the potential in unusual ingredients, like leftover produce.

LOOP Mission

LOOP Mission is a Canadian company and food-waste fighting powerhouse. They repurpose the outcasts of the food industry by turning them into cold-pressed juices, sodas, alcoholic beverages, and soaps. You’ll find the leftover pulp from their juices in our fibre-rich vegan biscuits.

Beyond the bowl

We’re committed to doing better whenever possible—not just at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This impacts everything from our business practices to our packaging, and everything in between.

We’re using business as a force for good, ensuring our products and practices benefit everyone, and that we’re responsible for future generations. 

Along with companies all over the world, we donate 1% of our total annual sales to grassroots environmental groups.

Packaging recycling

To help divert empty pet food bags from landfills, we created a recycling program that turns our packaging into new products. It’s simple: Add a free mail-in recycling kit to your order, fill it up with your empties, and send us the full pre-paid mailer, which we’ll return for recycling. Easy, peasy, 100% eco-friendly. Currently available in Canada only.

Together we're making sh!t better

And it’s not just our pups’ bowel movements. Here’s how you’ve helped make a difference:

174,165,120 L

of water saved

316,254 kg

of CO2 saved

646,995 kg

of fruits & veggies saved


invasive silver carp removed from lakes and rivers