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Why Crickets Are Good For Your Dog

Why Crickets Are Good For Your Dog

So what’s all this hype with cricket flour? Just last year, it was probably unthinkable for most of us to consume insects, but as of lately it seems there is an explosion of cricket-based products and startups. Many call this novel protein the “new kale”. In fact, many experts consider edible insects to be one of the main food trends of 2016. And with cricket flour costs going down, support by the United Nations, and a global awareness around this ridiculously eco-friendly and nutritious protein source, it seems the movement will likely become a durable part of our food system, and of our pets’.


So what’s in it for my dog?

It turns out that this superfood is extremely well suited for our furry friends and remarkably beneficial for their health, for many reasons you might not know, such as its dense, rich and balanced nutritional value. Of course, you might know about the protein content of crickets, and it’s not just hype: cricket flour contains twice as much protein than beef jerky - but that’s just the start.

You’ve probably heard about Omega-3 fatty acids in the past. But did you know that they are extremely important in promoting healthy skin and fur, as well as maintaining a high level of mobility for your dog? If you’re curious, check out this research from Université de Montréal. Other notable positive effects of Omega-3 include the prevention of arthritis and cancer, just to name a few. And guess what, cricket flour is loaded with those fatty acids, which normally have to be extracted from salmon or shrimps.

“Right, but is it OK for my dog to eat cricket flour? Is it natural?” Of course! Insects are part of dogs’ natural diet and are instinctively something they crave to eat whenever they have the chance (see this interview by Dr. Tudor on the use of insect protein for pets). This means that not only is it delicious, but it’s also biologically appropriate and easily digestible (check out this study showing that crickets are more easily digestible than most proteins for dogs). This explains why a lot of our customers have said that BugBites treats seem to cause less intolerances compared to other traditional treats. In fact, since cricket flour is not a widespread protein in dog food, our treats fill the gap for a viable alternative for dogs allergic or intolerant to traditional proteins such as chicken or beef!


You don’t eat candy every time you come back from the gym – why do that with your dog?

You’re an active pet owner. You try to walk regularly with your dog, do activities, and keep him fit. And you probably give your companion some treats to stimulate and reward him, and that’s fine. But do you realize that the type of treats you give your dog significantly affects his health and mobility? What if instead, every time you rewarded him, you actually enhanced his health and helped him stay fit? We noticed that most people don’t take the time to think of the impact that treats have on their pet’s health - we want to change that. We believe you should be able to reward and treat your dog without feeling guilty of hurting his health. Did you know that veterinarians recommend that you feed no more than 10% of your dog’s diet in treats? Many treats are very high in calories and therefore can contribute to an overall high caloric intake. As most dog treats contain over 15 calories, or sometimes even up to 50 calories, ours contain only 6-7 calories per treat. Do the math – the difference in calories saved in a week can really add up. And with excessive caloric intake being directly linked to pet obesity, it’s not that hard to see how the switch to Wilder Harrier treats could help keep your dog fit!

But that doesn’t mean it’s not nutritious or tasty. Our treats contain between 23% and 28% protein, which will help your dog feel satisfied and full. And the relatively small amount of fat (8%-13%) is filled with the good Omega-3 and -6 amino acids mentioned above. As you can see, there is no reason to compromise when it comes to treating your dog – you can reward him, and make him healthier, at the same time. All this being said, BugBites is not just about crickets, it’s also about quality and integrity in everything we do.


Our supertreats; more than just crickets 

At this point, you might be saying to yourself: “crickets are freaking amazing for my dog, but what about the other ingredients you use?” Other than the fact that we only use human-grade, Canadian-sourced crickets from an Ontario-based cricket farm, you’ll be happy to know that we are as obsessed with the quality of our other ingredients. We only use a short list of the most wholesome and simple ingredients. When you read “apple” in the ingredient list, it’s actually good old apple puree. But sourcing our ingredients from premium suppliers was not enough for us, so we took it a step further. We voluntarily submitted our products for testing with the most intense, severe protocol we know as of today in the pet food industry – the Ingredi-Guard certification. This independent organization extensively tests for the presence of harmful substances in pet food - chemical contaminants, pesticides, melamine, cyanuric acid, heavy metals, amongst many others - and guess what, we passed the test with flying colors! Having the Ingredi-Guard seal makes our customers that much more confident in our commitment to quality and health.

You’ve seen how cricket powder, this revolutionary superfood, is awesome for your dog, and for the planet. With one superingredient, your furry friend can get a balanced and condensed mix of nutrients that normally have to be sourced from all kinds of additives. High-performance for your dog, low-impact for the planet – what more could you wish for? Your dog is ready…are you? It might well turn out that your dog, without really knowing it, can lead us through one of the greatest food revolutions.


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