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Apple Cranberry

Picture an apple-pie cooling by a windowsill and expect being energized to the extreme. Apple Cranberry is as wholesome as they come, but packed with a punch!

80g @ $9.99
160g @ $16.99

Banana peanut

A classic combo that is proving to be a real hit with our canine customers, Banana Peanut mixes the best of both worlds: sweet & salty. It’s that trail mix vibe, in a bite-sized format!

80g @ $9.99
160g @ $16.99

Try both recipes and save 15%

1 x banana peanut + 1 x apple cranberry (80g) @ $16.99
1 x banana peanut + 1 x apple cranberry (160g) @ $28.99

Training rewards for active dogs

Our healthy, eco-friendly dog treats are designed for active dogs but made with environmentally conscious humans in mind. By sourcing out innovative proteins, we maximize the health impact on your dog while minimizing the negative effects on the planet. Insects are the food of the future: a sustainable protein that packs a punch and belays our dependence on polluting agro-food sectors.

  • Innovative Proteins

    If all you had to do to get your hands on a protein that packs twice the punch as traditionally used protein sources was think outside the box, would you do it? Incorporating innovative proteins into mainstream diets simply means being willing to do things differently. Insects are the food of the future, simply because they are a logical choice.

  • Omega-3 & -6 for Increased Joint Mobility

    In most animal protein sources, Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids are difficult to find in the right ratios - our training rewards, which are cricket-powered, challenge traditional beef content with a 1:3 ratio, whereas beef finds itself in the 1:20 range. The notable benefits of Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids include: fur and skin health, as well as the prevention of certain heart problems and arthritis.

  • Eco-friendly & Sustainable

    What makes crickets an eco-friendly and sustainable choice? Simple: raising crickets requires about 12 times less resources than the production of beef, mostly in terms of water and feed. Specifically, each pound of beef that we eat needed more than 9,000 litres of water to produce, whereas the same amount of crickets needs only about 4 litres of water - more than 2,000 times less! They also require much less space, which our planet is running out of, and emit considerably less greenhouse gas emissions - 80x less than beef!

  • Hypoallergenic & Easily Digestible

    What makes crickets “hypoallergenic”? The fact that crickets are not likely already part of your dog’s diet and that crickets aren’t a staple ingredient in pet feed as whole, means that intolerances have most likely not been developed surrounding them. This makes them a safe choice for dogs who have allergies and sensitive stomachs.

    This, coupled with the fact that we do not use proven allergens such as corn, wheat, soy, eggs, dairy and traditional proteins such as chicken, beef, lamb and fish means that your dog will enjoy the most easily digestible option out there.

  • Made in Canada

    In our process, there is no outsourcing to other countries. Our products see the light of day in a family-owned Canadian commercial kitchen located in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, where they are cooked and packaged. The crickets used in our operation are sourced from an Ontario farm that is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. In addition, the bags used to hold out training rewards are printed in Ontario.

  • Wholesome and Natural Ingredients

    Our products contain no artificial ingredients, this means that when we say that our training rewards contain bananas, they contain actual bananas and not just the banana flavor. Wholesome ingredients, untransformed, because your dog deserves the best.

  • Hypocaloric

    Our cricket-powered protein bites contain few calories. In fact, they rival vegan or weight management treats in caloric content.

  • No Fillers & Chemicals

    Sometimes, pet feed will contain fillers (sugars, husks, shells, feathers) to add weight onto their products. We don’t believe in that.