Cue your "yuck" face, and their "thank you" face.

What's your pup suffering from?

Nobody wants to see their dogs in pain. Our recipes put a stop to the most common issues caused by pups’ diets, so everybody can finally find some relief.


Allergies in dogs are more common than you think. So, what do you feed them when they’re rashy, losing hair, and nobody’s sleeping through the night?

Sensitive stomach

Fact: all dog owners would love to deal with less sh!t. Our recipes are extra-easy on your pup’s digestive system and packed with prebiotics and gut-friendly nutrients.

Fish vs. fly: here’s how to pick the right food

Dry, raw, or fresh? Bison, kangaroo, fish or fly? There are a lot of diets and proteins out there. It can make shopping for your pup’s food super overwhelming. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you find the right recipe.


Black soldier fly

Invasive silver carp

Who's it best for?

Dogs with food allergies

Picky eaters with sensitive stomachs

Key benefits

- Hypoallergenic

- Rich in MCT to support brain health & digestion

- Packed with nutrients & all essential amino acids

- Filled with prebiotics

- High omega-3 & DHA content for healthy joints & coat

- Free from antibiotics & growth hormones

Taste profile

Nutty and meaty

A cross between crab and scallop

Environmental benefit

Saves thousands of litres of water & greenhouse gasses

Saves native fish from extinction

Take it from our customers (and their parents)

We’re giving the planet a bit of a break, too

174,165,120 L

of water saved

316,254 kg

of CO2 saved

646,995 kg

of fruits & veggies saved


invasive silver carp removed from lakes and rivers