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Hot spots, itchy skin, chronic ear infections? Made from allergy-busting black soldier fly, our Farmed Insects Recipe is specially formulated to stop the scratching once and for all.

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Our food is formulated by pet nutritionists with a collective 70 years experience and meets the nutritional criteria established by the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. You can be sure your dog's getting the goodness they need to thrive.

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Some of our star proteins

Black soldier fly

The star ingredient in our Farmed Insects recipe, black soldier flies are rich in nutrients and extra easy to digest. Plus, they’re 100% fed on upcycled food waste, making them one of the most sustainable protein sources currently available.

Invasive silver carp

Silver carp is the super-nutritious protein in our Sustainable Fish recipe. These wild-caught creatures are low in contaminants and antibiotic free—and when your dog devours them, it helps rebalance aquatic ecosystems.


Small but mighty crickets beat livestock in all categories. They pack 2x as much protein for 2000 times less water—talk about punching above your weight. You’ll find them in our low-calorie training bites.

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