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Quick, DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

Quick, DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

🎃DIY Costume Ideas For Your Dog🎃


🍸The Martini Glass

Does your doggo have to wear the “Cone of Shame” for some reason these days? Fear not. Your pup can still partake in the festivities. By adding plush balls as “olives” and a broom handle as a “stir-stick”, your dog can become the talk of the party.



🐱The Beanie Baby

SO simple! Especially good for smaller dogs: simply add the telltale “TY” logo tag to your dog’s collar and - presto! - a living collectible plushie!



☠ Skele-Dog

Also simple but much more spooky, the skeleton dog effect means painting a bone-like pattern on your dog (if it can be glow-in-the-dark, then that’s even better!). Worried that putting paint on your pooch may be dangerous? So were we, that’s why we searched and found an assured safe product made especially for pets here!



🍓The Garden Gnome

This one is just pure fun.


🐻 No-Sew Ewok Costume


- 1 Shih Tzu

- Brown fabric

- Jute rope

Desired result:


Have a great Halloween guys and ghouls! 🐾


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