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5 Items for the Outdoor Dog

5 Items for the Outdoor Dog

As summer weather fades and the cooler autumn air creeps in, we find that optimal hiking season is upon us; the colors and the invigorating temperature make long and lengthy hikes more pleasant. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned hiker, having the right gear for your dog can make potentially strenuous workouts more effective and limit certain dangers for your furry friend.


🍁 Sweater Weather

Some dogs with short hair are prone to getting the chills. Make sure your dog is warm by having him sport a fleecie! We are big fans of Ruffwear gear and suggest the Fernie for a more technical performance. However, some members of our dog-loving community swear by the DYI approach. Here is baby Weimaraner Luna sporting a holed-out sock as a sweater!


🍁Night Light

A good way to keep track of your dog as the sun sets is to install a clip-on night light on his collar. Also, that way, he can illuminate the path as he walks! We like Nite Ize SpotLit LED Carabiner Light, available online at REI retailers!


🍁Food and Water Bowl

When hiking, it’s important to maximize space. This is why we love Kurgo Collaps-A-Bowl, when dormant, it looks just like a disc no bigger than a frisbee; once opened, it can contain a whopping 24 ounces of water (or food)!


🍁Track Jacket

One of the dangers of hiking with your pet in autumn is that in many territories, this coincides with hunting season. That being said, having your dog wear a track jacket ensures increased visibility. Ruffwear’s Track Jacket assures this and more. Read about its benefits here.


🍁Getting Fancy

A seriously awesome splurge: the GoPro Fetch harness allows you to safely install a camera to your dog in order to capture your memorable hikes from his point of view.


As you and your dog near your summit goals, you’ll be wanting to fuel-up. Stash some BugBites in this handy little pouch by Canine Equipment! Now get out there and have fun!


Chloë Kibbe
Chloë Kibbe