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Wilder Harrier is now a proudly certified B Corporation!

Wilder Harrier is now a proudly certified B Corporation!

We are thrilled to announce that our Montreal-based company is officially certified B Corp. What a timing and honor for Wilder Harrier to obtain this certification on Earth day! For us, this means that we are certifiably living, working and creating pet food products completely in alignment with our values! This honorable certification confirms that we proudly respect the highest standards when it comes to positive impact for our communities, our employees and surely, the environment. We want to encourage other companies in our field to join us in the lead towards a global partnership for environmental and social progress. We are hopeful and proud to be participating in a global movement toward positive change.

What it means to be certified B Corp : 

The B Corp Certification doesn’t just evaluate a product or service; it assesses the overall positive impact of the company that stands behind it. We were able to obtain a score according to an assessment of our company’s impact on its workers, customers, community, and environment and were prepared to make our results transparent on 

We also amended our legal governing documents to require our board of directors to balance profit and purpose. Becoming a B Corporation is our way of declaring that we want to join forces with other companies towards a global economy that uses business as a force for good and creates benefits for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. It also means we believe that we all must be involved if we want change. We believe that our products and practices need to benefit all and that we are responsible for each other and for future generations. Thank you for being part of our stakeholders and helping us be of service to our dogs, to the planet, and to all.

Our mission : 

Here at Wilder Harrier, we have a very clear and important purpose, we want to empower our pets to transition to a conscientious food system and we believe that to do so, we need to be leaders in providing at scale, conscientious pet products through novel protein and ingredients and by accompanying pet parents in educating ourselves.

Our manifesto : 

Agri-food sectors such as chicken and beef farming are one of the main human-generated polluters, surpassing cars - up to 25% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions come from industrial livestock farming. This is astronomical and must be reduced. One of the ways to help reduce this problem is to adopt, as a pioneer, a change to a diet based on alternative proteins and thus reduce dependency to these harmful sectors. To feed your pet, we believe the solution should be healthy for them and for our planet. 

We believe that alternative proteins are essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

We believe that food is fuel. So when it comes to health, we don't cut corners. We believe that we should always strive to make the best choice. For us, this translates into what is most natural, unprocessed, and whole, as well as least harmful to the planet. We believe that all animals should be treated fairly and humanely. We believe that every pet owner should adopt, not shop. We believe that everything we need to lead a healthy life exists in the world around us. We believe that every human being has access to sufficient, affordable and healthy food. We believe in a holistic approach. We believe in the importance of helping each other. We believe in the importance of being outside and taking care of our planet and most importantly, we believe in the power of community. 

A word from our founders to our community : 

Wilder Harrier is not just another pet food company, and this has been clear since the very founding of this organization. The spark that ignited this whole venture was a UN report on future prospects for food and feed security. At the core of Wilder Harrier’s DNA therefore lies a vision for a sustainable food system, and a desire to do business differently — for our pets, our planet, our partners, and our team. The B Corp certification has always been an important milestone in our company’s roadmap, given our core values. We are now proud to be part of the movement of organizations “balancing purpose and profit”, as we believe this is the only way business should be done.”

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