Answering The Call For Change: Why "BugBites" is Becoming "Wilder & Harrier"

Answering The Call For Change: Why "BugBites" is Becoming "Wilder & Harrier"

These days, it seems like the desire for change is a growing, collective sentiment: the need for it is being felt in many sectors. Early on, we decided that change was a good thing and that it would be one of our operative words. We vowed to free ourselves of outdated industries and spearhead a movement for getting reacquainted with the bounty Nature has always had in store for us.

Indeed, we live in a world where the reality of climate change is unfurling in real-time; where the speed of information, like our population, is growing exponentially. Naturally, these types of changes curtail their own sets of problems. But variation, after all, is the hallmark of evolution; collectively, we must learn to adapt to survive. In doing so, we make resilience our driving force. One of the biggest challenges amidst all this change is the increasing demand for food resources in light of an ever-expanding human population. What if, in the dulling humdrum of rapid fire information and the constant “rat race” of our daily lives, the solution lied in staying still, if only for a moment, and witnessing the world around you?

Over a year ago, we stayed silent enough to hear a possible solution. For a little context, consider this: in 2013, the UN published a report detailing an inevitable future challenge with regards to world hunger, population growth and food resource management. This report stated that roughly 2 billion people already consumed insects as food and that implementing this dietary change on a greater scale could contribute to pollution reduction as well as offer a nutritious supplement to lacking diets worldwide. So we asked ourselves this question again: what if the solution was in the world around us, hiding in plain sight?

Sometimes, taking a step forward means taking a step back. Alternative proteins are everywhere around us. The key here is to think outside outdated systems and to rework ourselves into the grander scheme of things. We are all part of an ecosystem: cogs in a well oiled machine designed to work, self-heal and create and maintain life. That being said, it was time to act accordingly, to tap into unexplored, sustainable resources.

We knew we were onto something.

Being well aware that one’s dietary routine is a hard thing to change, we knew the change would not happen overnight; even if we implicitly know certain foods are “better” - better for us health-wise, better for the environment in terms of their carbon footprint - change, although necessary, is hard.

The nature of human relationships is also evolving but a bond that has carried itself seamlessly into the 21st century is that between man and canine. Some researchers could venture into terms like “co-evolution” but that is a matter for another day. That being said, we suggest that our love for our canine companion be symbolic of our love for ourselves, the natural world and more importantly, our place in it. What if eliminating sources of great pollution and providing our pets with the healthiest protein alternatives was just within our grasp? By tying in the findings and inspiration gleaned from the UN report, and using the singular bond between humans and dogs as a gateway, we ventured into our adventure and eventually produced our entry product - and just like that, “BugBites” came to be.

For the past year, the adventure has been incredible! We have acquired endless knowledge, made countless friends and re-familiarized ourselves with the great outdoors. We are witnessing first hand the effects of the bond between humans and dogs and how this bond can translate into some wonderful news for the planet. Our cricket-powered training rewards have proven to be a successful, healthy and sustainable answer to weaning dogs (and subsequently, their humans) off traditional, polluting industries.

In light of this success came certain revelations. Namely, we realized that our commitment to providing your furry friend with the best, most innovative and sustainable food option meant we had to expand our horizons.

We had to be limitless.

For this reason, we needed to make sure that we weren’t only limiting ourselves to one of the many "super-foods" available. We needed to allow ourselves to run wild. Ladies and gents, we present to you our new name: Wilder & Harrier! This brand will allow us to venture into the most innovative terrains in terms of alternative food sources, to create a community of dog and nature lovers, who are fueled by their love of the planet and their commitment to living a life of well-being in tandem with their environment. For us, the future is now unbounded and we will work tirelessly to find the most barrier-breaking food sources for your best friend.



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