Wilder Harrier: My Pet Makes Me A Better Human

Wilder Harrier: My Pet Makes Me A Better Human

Wilder Harrier is proud to present you its brand new image! Stemmed from our love for nature and adventure, Wilder reinvented it's look to better represent its pack! Wilder Harrier isn't just friendly for the planet - also great for pets.

While 500 million pets consume 20 billion tons of meat every year, we, Wilder Harrier, went hunting for alternative solutions, healthy, and above all responsible.

With the same curiosity as doggos in the forest, we are constantly exploring new sources of nutrition: prolific algae, insects by the millions, invasive fish... The little-known world of fantastic proteins that do good with good is now at your fingertips, and it's a win-win.

Tell us straight: easy-to-digest super-proteins that reduce our environmental impact and provide more nutritious meals for your animal... Who can do better?


Wilder Harrier
My pet makes me a better human




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Wilder Harrier is now a proudly certified B Corporation!