Unusual ingredients, with extraordinary benefits

We’re tackling dogs' allergies, sensitive stomachs, and the health of the environment one ingredient at a time. 

No more itchy skin. For real this time.

Allergies in dogs are more common than you think—especially sensitivities to beef, chicken, lamb, and other popular proteins. So, what do you feed them when they’re rashy, losing hair, and nobody’s sleeping through the night?

Meet novel proteins: ingredients that are new or rarer for your pet. Since it’s unlikely your dog’s been widely exposed to these proteins, they’re incredible for treating allergies and intolerances. Ours come from some of the most hypoallergenic and sustainable sources currently available.

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The proof is in the poop.

Fact: all dog owners would love to deal with less sh!t. Particularly when it’s on your carpet or it’s of the runny variety. 

Our recipes are extra-easy on your pup’s digestive system, and packed with prebiotics and gut-friendly nutrients. Designed for the most sensitive stomachs, we’re a solid bet for firmer poops.

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Picky, refined palate, or food snob?

Dogs are happier when you vary their diet, but too often allergic or finicky pups get stuck with bland, limited meals (on repeat). We make it easy to keep things interesting. 

Our proteins are great-tasting on top of being hypoallergenic and highly digestible. You can change things up with confidence, whether your dog’s a sensitive type or a bit of a jerk about food.

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We’re giving the planet a bit of a break, too

156,020,636 L

of water saved

283,919 kg

of CO2 saved

576,459 kg

of fruits & veggies saved


invasive Asian carp removed from lakes and rivers