Community Pet Pantry - Guidelines


  • You're welcome to take food or necessities at any time. But please only take what you need to leave some for the next pet parent. Feeding and caring for pets has gotten so expensive for everyone and we want to help out as many of our furry friends as we can.
  • The pantry accepts donations of unexpired food or treats for all kinds of pets provided they are in a sealed and labeled container. Donations of pet waste bags, lightly used toys and leashes plus other necessities are also welcome.
  • All donations must fit inside the pantry with the door and latch firmly closed to prevent wildlife from getting in. Do not leave donations outside the pantry.
  • Please check any donations thoroughly before giving them to your pet as this pantry is maintained by the community and accepts anonymous donations.

    DISCLAIMER: Some items in this pantry have been anonymously donated, the content and quality of certain products donated in this pantry may not been verified or controlled. Wilder Harrier Community Pet Pantries, property owners, and volunteer associates with the project assume no liability and make no warranty for the contents or quality of the items placed here. As such, partake at your own risk. Wilder Harrier shall not be responsible for any consequential damages or losses associated with the use of this pantry.