At Wilder Harrier, we’re committed to doing good — in and out of the bowl. And that includes everything down to our packaging. 

Despite what a lot of bags say, most (as in 99%!) of pet food packaging can’t be recycled in traditional programs and instead, end up in landfills. 

To help divert these empty pet food bags and minimize packaging waste, we’ve created a recycling program that empowers our Wilder community to dispose of our packaging in a way that’s easy and 100% eco-friendly.

How to recycle your empty bags


1. Add a free mail-in recycling kit to your order at checkout.

2. Clean and dry Wilder Harrier empties before packing them into the mailer. 

3. Wait until you’ve accumulated enough empty food bags to fill up the mailer. 

4. Once full, close and send prepaid mailer to return for recycling. 



1. Collect your Wilder Harrier empties into a box or envelope of your choice.

2. Once full, contact us at to request a return label.

3. Close and send using the prepaid label to return for recycling.

What happens after we get the mailer?

We collect all the empty bags into a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box. Once full, we send the box back to TerraCycle where the packaging is processed into raw materials that are then used to make new products like outdoor furniture, watering cans, storage bins, athletic fields, and more.

What Wilder Harrier products are eligible?

All of them! You can fill your mailer with all your empty packaging across product collections — food, treats, and dental sticks. Your mailer can fit up to 2.5lbs of empties, which equals:

- 279 treat packages; or

- 140 dental stick packages; or

- 40 dry food bags (2KG); or

- 22 dry food bags (5KG)!

*Program is only available in Canada (for now!)

“At the current moment, in North America specifically, 99% of pet food and treat bags are not recyclable. We estimate that that is over 300 million lbs of packaging going into landfills today.”

- Melissa Bauer, Director of Sustainability, PSC