Beyond the kibble

A lot of pet food packaging cannot be recycled. Companies may claim their packaging is recyclable because they consist of materials that can be recycled. Unfortunately, when these materials are layered together, local recycling centers don’t have the technology to separate them and most bags end up in landfills.

“At the current moment, in North America specifically, 99% of pet food and treat bags are not recyclable,” said Melissa Bauer, director of sustainability at PSC. “PSC estimates that is over 300 million lbs of packaging going into landfills today”

Here at Wilder Harrier, we want to make a difference. Not just with what we feed your pets but also everything that comes with it. To help avoid having our packaging end up in landfills, we have created a program to help the Wilder community dispose of their packaging in an eco-friendly and efficient way.

By sending all your Wilder Harrier bags (food, treats, dental sticks and samples) back to us, we collect them and send them to Teracycle, an innovative waste management company. They have the technology to separate the layers of materials and breakdown our packaging into raw plastic. This raw form of plastic can be upcycled and used by manufacturing companies to produce useful products such as outdoor furniture, shipping pallets, storage bins and other items.

The Wild program

Here is how you can further help our planet: Customers (Canada Only)
1.At checkout add a mailer to your order
2.You will receive a mailer with a return label
3.Clean and collect your bags in the mailer
4.When your mailer is full, send it back to us and we take care of the

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