Regular Protein vs Novel Protein - Dog Food Benefits

Regular Protein vs Novel Protein - Dog Food Benefits

Protein in your dog’s diet helps promote stronger muscles, improve nerve function, and aid cell creation. So, adding some protein sources to your dog’s diet is essential to help boost their growth.


However, adding certain protein types to your dog’s diet may lead to allergies and other digestive issues. Therefore, striking a balance and finding what protein sources suit your dog is essential.


Your dog can either have regular protein commonly found as an ingredient in commercial dog food or novel protein that is not as common. These two protein sources come with varied benefits and appeal to different dogs.


This post will take a deeper look into regular and novel proteins and their benefits to help you find one that suits your dog's specific needs. 


Regular Protein

Regular protein refers to the common ingredients found in commercially-bought dog food. This type of protein is what you’ll mostly find in pet stores and is an excellent option for your dog’s growth.  


Regular protein features both animal protein sources and plant-based protein sources. Some great examples include chicken, fish, lamb, and soybean meals. 


However, when investing in dog food with regular protein, you need to consider good and bad protein. The best practice is to invest in dog food that features meat as its primary ingredient.


Plant-based proteins are great additions but invest in dog food that prioritizes animal protein for a good quality option. Keep in mind that the order of ingredients in dog foods will give you a clear understanding of the food’s composition. 


The amount of regular protein ideal for a dog’s growth will differ depending on different aspects. To determine the correct quantity, consider getting vet recommended puppy food to ensure that your dog gets enough protein. 


Benefits of Regular Protein


Regular protein offers incredible benefits to your dog’s growth, making it essential to its diet. Some of these benefits include;


Promotes shinier hair, healthier skin, and stronger nails for your dogs


Regular protein features amino acids beneficial for connective tissues and acts as essential building blocks. In addition, the amino acids in regular protein help significantly impact the hair, skin, and nails of your dog.


If you notice your dog has hair loss and suffers from dry, brittle hair, this is an excellent sign that they may need more protein in their diet. Protein will help promote a full coat of fur for your dog. 


Promotes your dog’s immune system and strengthens their muscles


The essential amino acids found in regular proteins are necessary to help boost your dog’s immunity. This helps keep your dog healthy with a robust immune system ready to attack foreign pathogens. 


In addition, amino acids also play a role in strengthening and boosting the growth of muscles in your dogs. So as your dogs grow and continue to play and get active, they’ll need stronger muscles to keep them going. 


Helps in cell creation and tissue growth


Cell creation and tissue growth prove essential to your dog in different stages of their lives. Often, your dog will need to replace skin and hair, making protein a necessary ingredient in their diet. 


Additionally, pregnant and lactating female dogs will also need more protein in their diet to aid in vital tissue growth. This will help promote the overall health of your dogs and their little puppies. 


Regular protein is readily available.


As mentioned earlier, regular protein features in commercially bought dog food, making it easy to access and include in your dog’s diet. So, having this as an option makes it possible for you to supplement your dog’s protein needs.


Additionally, there are so many dog food brands available for you to consider investing in. However, remember to get quality dog food that will offer the correct amount of protein to influence your dog’s growth. 


Novel Protein

Novel protein refers to the protein sources that are not common in the mainstream and ones that your dog has never eaten. This type of protein is not always first on the list of a dog owner unless your dog develops an allergic reaction to regular protein.


More dog owners have become aware that their dogs develop allergies and have digestive issues. This development has influenced more brands to invest in novel proteins, making them easier to get. 


Some examples of novel proteins include asian carp, duck, rabbit, salmon, bisson, herring, and insect dog foods. Insect dog food is relatively new in the market but features incredible amounts of protein that your dog will benefit from.


This insect dog food features black soldier flies and crickets that are a great source of omegas, iron, fiber, and taurine. In addition, it offers an incredible alternative to regular protein since it is easily digestible, clean, lean and comes with 2x protein.


Adding novel proteins to your dog’s diet is an excellent idea whether or not they have allergies.

Novel proteins will help break the monotony of eating one type of protein source repeatedly, which is a significant contributor to food sensitivity. So, to avoid any allergy issues, novel protein is an excellent investment. 


Benefits of Novel Protein


Novel proteins are significant for your dogs and come with various benefits for you to consider. Here are some great benefits of using novel proteins.


Decreased Risk of Allergies


As mentioned earlier, novel proteins are significant when you need to address allergies being experienced by your dog. So, they come in handy to substitute regular proteins without affecting your dog’s growth.


Using novel proteins to substitute regular proteins works excellent, especially when implementing the elimination diet. Doing this will help make the transition easier for your dog.


In addition, you can add novel protein to your dog’s diet before they get any allergies. Doing this will help avoid food intolerances and reduce the risk of seasonal allergies in dogs


If your dog has an allergic reaction to certain foods, do not take it lightly and assume that prolonged exposure will help them adapt. Unfortunately, taking such an approach will leave your dog uneasy and lead to additional health issues. 


So, ensure that you invest in novel proteins to keep your dog healthy and free of allergic reactions. 


Supports Muscle Growth, Promotes a Healthy Gut, and Strengthens the Bones


Novel proteins are significant in supporting the overall growth of your dog to ensure that it gets everything it requires. They promote muscle growth and strengthen your dog’s bones to help keep them active and healthy.


The sustainable fish recipe is one excellent novel protein option that boosts your dog’s healthy gut. This food is high in Omega-3, easily digestible, natural, and wholesome. It features only one protein which is Asian carp, and is sufficient to meet your dog’s protein needs. 


Supplement Omega-3 Fatty Acids


Omega-3 fatty acids are classified as good fats essential for the healthy growth of your dog. These fats help keep your dog’s heart healthy, preventing heart arrhythmias and irregular heartbeats.


Exotic novel protein sources like Kangaroo and crocodiles are excellent sources of these Omega-3 fatty acids. Finding sources of good fats to add to your dog’s diet will help boost their immune system.


Fewer Calories and Fats


An article written by the pet industry states that novel proteins contain, on average, 50% fewer calories and 80% less fat compared to regular protein. In addition, these proteins are lean and clean without unnecessary chemicals, making them a great healthy option. 


Fewer calories and fats mean that your dog’s risk of obesity or being overweight reduces significantly. You can rest easy knowing novel proteins will not compromise your dog’s weight.


Easy on Your Puppies Stomach


Novel proteins are raised differently compared to regular proteins. Novel proteins will not feature the use of antibiotics and pesticides. This means they are clean and great for consumption without any side effects.


Clean protein sources like novel protein will be easy on your dog’s stomach and result in fewer digestive issues. 


Promotes Sustainability


Industrial farms are the most significant source of regular proteins and significantly impact the environment. These farms produce greenhouse gasses and put a lot of strain on land and water resources.


On the other hand, Novel protein is not bred on industrial farms, making it a more sustainable option that conserves our environment. 




Protein is an essential aspect of your dog’s growth and should always be included in their diet. The options available to you are regular proteins and novel proteins that will come in handy in different instances.


If you just got a puppy, start with regular proteins and introduce novel proteins later to help break the monotony. This is a great way to introduce variety to your dog’s palate and avoid food intolerance. 


On the other hand, if your dog is allergic to a particular protein, stop giving it to them and introduce novel proteins instead. Doing this will help you address the allergy and leave your dog healthy and happier.


The benefits of both regular and novel protein are compelling, but novel protein is by far the best, healthiest, and most sustainable option. So, when getting your dog food, keep these things in mind to help you invest in suitable options.

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