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Jo-Anne's itchy Frenchie finally finds relief

Jo-Anne's itchy Frenchie finally finds relief

Jo-Anne rescued her 8-year old French bulldog, Miss B, about 3 years ago. Her pup always had issues with allergies, but they became noticeably worse in the last year. She was extremely uncomfortable and likely in pain, and everyone in the house was losing sleep over the issue. Here’s the story of how Wilder Harrier finally brought Miss B some relief. 


  • The struggle with allergies. Scratching turned into fiery-red hot spots, ear issues, and pain. Nothing seemed to work.
  • The search for the best dog food without chicken. Chicken had to go, but she reacted to every other protein—including fish. 
  • Desperate to find the best dog food for allergies. Willing to try anything, I took home a sample of Wilder Harrier’s insect recipe.
  • Finally some allergy relief. Within 1 day, the itching stopped. Within 3 days her hotspots were completely gone. 
  • An allergy-free routine with Wilder Harrier. We feed her the WH insect and fish recipes, and cricket treats, and have absolutely no issues. She’s a happy old girl now.

The struggle with allergies

Miss B has always been an itchy girl, but she recently developed fiery-red hot spots, ear issues, and dandruff. I suspected she was in a lot of pain because she would wake up 15+ times every night. I’d rub coconut oil into her hot spots to ease the pain and help her get a bit of sleep. Needless to say, everyone was tired and wanted to find a solution.

The search for the best dog food without chicken

When I took Miss B to the vet, she was eating mostly chicken-based food. Our vet told us to eliminate it from her diet, which started our search for the best dog food without chicken. We tried lamb, beef, turkey, and duck, but she reacted to them all. When it seemed like meat was not an option, we tried trout and salmon, which were also a failure. We fed her freeze-fried food, the best limited ingredient dog foods, stopped giving her treats, sampled everything imaginable, but nothing worked.

common dog food allergies

Desperate to find the best dog food for allergies

Determined to find a hypoallergenic dog food, I went to my local pet store. They had just received samples of Wilder Harrier's insect recipe, which was supposed to be a fantastic dog food for skin allergies and sensitive pups. The thought of feeding Miss B insects was a little gross but it didn't stop me. I was so desperate to find something that worked!

Finally some allergy relief

After just one day on the Wilder Harrier food, she stopped scratching. Within three days her hot spots went from bright red to slightly pink and her ears started clearing up. After three days all her hot spots were gone. A month later she's still going strong and has experienced continual improvement. Her dandruff has disappeared as well. 

I have 2 other dogs and Miss B occasionally gets into their food. Her allergies will flare up again immediately. As soon as she’s back on Wilder Harrier, all the symptoms go away.

You can see the difference in her mood. She’s calm, content, and comfortable. Because her hot spots were on her legs and tummy, she must have been on fire! What an absolute relief to find something that works. She’s also sleeping through the night for the first time in years. 

Wilder Harrier food results

An allergy-free routine with Wilder Harrier

We read that the sustainable fish recipe was also a hypoallergenic dog food and decided to give it a try. I was a little worried because she reacted to salmon and trout, but the Asian carp recipe is just different—she had no issues at all. Now we alternate between the insect and Asian carp recipes so she can have some variety. She loves the taste of both foods and has never refused a meal!

I also love that we can give her treats again. She adores the cricket treats, especially blueberry and banana peanut.

Thankful for finding dog food that works

I’m grateful for the change in my dog and thankful I finally found some help. Wilder Harrier has been remarkable and amazing for us—it’s the only thing that worked. If you have a dog with as much sensitivity as mine, give this a try, it might just be your best friend!

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