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How To Adopt Or Foster A Dog From A Warzone 

How To Adopt Or Foster A Dog From A Warzone 

About 3.5 million people have fled Ukraine. Some refuse to leave their dogs and some are left with no choice other than to leave them behind. There are a large number of puppies and dogs being displaced, abandoned, and left behind. 

A lady carrying a dog while fleeing the warzone from a town in Ukraine


Source: Vadim Ghirda / AP

While humans can flee the warzone our dogs and puppies have no idea about what is going around and how to escape the horror show. It is important to know that dogs and other wildlife animals can be refugees too. With the sudden attack on Ukraine, the local animal shelters are left with a lack of pet food, vets, and other animal supplies.

What is currently being done to help rescue and support these animals?


Shelters, rescue groups, volunteers, and veterinary clinics in Ukraine are trying to keep their operations continuing despite the war, they are doing everything they can to give protection and urgent care to animals stuck in the dispute. Various NGOs, relief workers, and organizations are also doing everything they can to help Ukrainians with pets gain emergency funds, food, supplies, medical aid, and easy flow of transportation to neighboring countries.


One of the shelters in Gorlovka, Ukraine was unable to cook hot homemade food for dogs since it may draw unnecessary attention, and at the same time, they are also struggling to feed their dogs and are in desperate need of dry dog food to feed over 1,100 dogs at their shelter


IFAW is a Canadian Non-Profit organization founded in 1969 has expanded its paws all across the globe rescuing animals by way of a variety of projects. They are currently working with local shelters such as Shelter Pif and the Holivka Shelter, to feed these shelter dogs. They are also working with the authorities in Poland to help process over 600 dogs, cats, and other animals on a daily basis. Learn more about their contribution to rescuing a variety of animals here.


Source: ifaw

Another NGO Humane Society International is working with Red Cross and local shelters to feed  

HSI is working with UAnimals, a Ukraine based NGO, to analyze and prioritize the needs of shelters and clinics that are actively involved in relief efforts. HSI has also collaborated with Berliner Tiertafel in Germany to offer dog food, cat food, and other pet supplies along with veterinary support to the arrival of pet refugees.

Source: HSI

What can you do to support our furry friends in the warzone?

There are a variety of ways to help our voiceless puppies, dogs, cats, and other wildlife animals. ADOPT these little rescue dogs and puppies to help these NGOs. Once a dog is adopted it makes room for more to be rescued. 

  1. Help the CARESCUE team to get these dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens by adopting the animals on their way to Canada

  2. People from the UK can adopt Ukrainian dogs by joining the Facebook group Paw Help UK Rescue and Adopt

  3. People across San Fransisco can adopt dogs at Transform A Street Dog helping organizations free up rooms for new intakes from places like Ukraine


If you think you are not ready to adopt them or don’t have the financial capacity for it. You can always FOSTER these scared dogs and cats giving them shelter and love for a few weeks until they get adopted. Most of the shelters provide food, supplies, and medicines required to support you through the fostering process

  1. Help foster pet dogs, puppies, and cats while their parents settle by being a part of this Facebook group Help to Ukrainian dog owners/breeders - temporary home and care for pets


In the world of digitalization, it is easier than ever to help little puppies and dogs around the world. If you can’t adopt or foster our furry friends you can always help them get rescued, feed them, provide supplies by DONATING money equivalent to a cup of coffee. Your donation helps these NGOs deliver a variety of animal supplies including the most important ones such as dog food, puppy food, cat food, and so on. It helps them invest in the logistics of transporting dogs, cats, and wildlife out of the country to a better and safe location.

  1. Help IFAW partner with more dog & animal shelters here 

  2. Feed our furry friends by donating to Humane Society International here

  3. Donate directly to Happy Paw a Kyiv-based Ukrainian non-profit organization sheltering and feeding animals throughout Ukraine.

  4. International Animal Protection League an NGO started by Andrea Cisternino and his wife Vlada Shalutko, is saving thousands of stray animals in Ukraine. 

  5. Lend a paw to a friend in need! By donating via PAYPAL at [email protected]. “Friend” is a non-profitable charity organization and rehabilitation center for homeless animals in Dnepr City – Ukraine.

  6. Formed in 2016, UAnimals is accepting donations to support animal shelters left with no dog food & supplies. They have supported over 14 shelters across Ukraine

  7. Help a vet in Romania fulfill rescue pet needs by contributing to their Amazon wishlist


      Learn about how people around the globe are helping these animals at


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