Satisfying pets' bellies while doing some good for the planet?

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Allergy busting

Made from hypoallergenic proteins like cricket and black soldier fly, our allergy-busting formulas were designed to stop the itching.

Gut friendly

Ideal for your pup's digestive system, and packed with prebiotics and gut friendly nutrients, our recipes help to reduce intestinal problems.

Great tasting

Our proteins are great-tasting on top of being hypoallergenic and highly digestible. Offer your dog the variety they crave and make it happy!

Good for the planet

Advances in the field of sustainable proteins insure better health for our planet and for the future generations of our children!

Never run out of your favourites!

As soon as you find something that works, want to have it on hand. With our subscription service, you can choose your own delivery schedule, and we will deliver your order for your dog directly to your door.

Moreover, you'll benefit from a 15% saving on each delivery. Simplify your life and give your dog the best nutrition without any hassle.

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Made by nutritionists, approved by vets!

Our formulas are carefully crafted by a team of pet nutritionists with many years of experience in the field. They are designed to meet the strict nutritional standards set by the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials). Thus, you can be assured that your dog is receiving all the essential nutrients needed for optimal health.

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Some of our star proteins

Black soldier fly

The star ingredient in our Farmed Insects recipe, black soldier flies are rich in nutrients and extra easy to digest. Plus, they’re 100% fed on upcycled food waste, making them one of the most sustainable protein sources currently available.

Invasive silver carp

Silver carp is the super-nutritious protein in our Sustainable Fish recipe. These wild-caught creatures are low in contaminants and antibiotic free—and when your dog enjoys them, it helps rebalance aquatic ecosystems.


Crickets, although small, surpass "livestock animals" in every category. They contain twice as much protein and require 2000 times less water for their production! You can find them in our low calorie training bites.

Not your average dog food

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