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Hello! I just wanted to thank you for your food. I have a French bulldog who is allergic to EVERYTHING. I've tried every food, I even cooked for him for a long time but without any success... For a little less than a month now, I've switched his food to yours, and the difference is huge!! Thanks to your food, Diego no longer needs a vaccine every month for his allergies. He does not scratch anymore and his red spots are all gone. You made a huge difference in your life! :D Thank you!!!

- Jo M.

We are a vegan family that has struggled with so many food allergies for our three dogs. I can’t even express how grateful I am that we now have a healthy choice for them. They love the treats and the dog food so much!! So on behalf of vegans, dogs with allergies, innocent animals and the planet, thank you Wilder Harrier for making this dog food!

- Joanie D.

He liked them a lot. In fact, he loved them. I recommend them to all pups and those who are concerned about the quality of their diet!

- Elaine V.

Love the products. The limited ingredient list is what brought me to try them (one dog with allergies and another with IBD). My three dogs LOVE them! I signed up for auto delivery and it's quick and effective! Took only a few days to get to my door.

- Melanie S.

Our dachshund recently got diagnosed with diabetes and non- tear producing eyes After every injection she looks forward to her cricket treats (cricket pumpkin carrot) she even knows when I get out the syringe she heads to the cupboard and waits for the injection because she knows she’s rewarded with her cricket treats. What a great product. Bravo!!!!!

- Sue K.

She used to never finish her bowl, but now she runs when we get the box of kibble out! And ALWAYS finishes everything!

- Megara's human