• Improves joint mobility

    “We use these treats as a reward for our dog’s physical therapy regimen.(...) as soon as they come out she’s happily doing her exercises looking forward to her reward.”

    Giannina S.
  • Win Win

    “Being a dog mom means wanting what’s healthier for my puppy, but also what’s healthier for our planet.“

    Audrey R.
  • No more allergies

    ''My pup loves the insect kibbles! Sadly he has severe allergies to chicken and salmon. Wilder Harrier beats the competitor kibbles for the best price and best choice for pups with food allergies.''

    Priyanka S.
  • Balanced diet

    '' My dog ​​loves it! He was very sick and was losing a lot of weight because of the medication and was always hungry, as if the food did not reassure him. Since eating Wilder Harrier he has managed to regain weight and he is not always hungry anymore. I am really happy to have discovered this food for my beautiful boy :) ''

    Rachel S.
  • f

    73,290,272 l
    of water saved

    Crickets need about 2,000 times less fresh water than beef, while seaweed doesn’t
    need any!

  • 255,912 kg
    of fruits and veggies saved

    Through our partnership with LOOP to save fruits and veggies that would be thrown away and by using insects that are fed on upcycled ingredients!

  • 137,404 kg
    of CO2 saved

    Crickets emit 99% less greenhouse gases than beef while seaweed has a net negative footprint!

  • 1000
    fish saved

    Each Silver Carp caught therefore simultaneously helps to protect aquatic ecosystems and diminishes our dependence on the aquaculture industry