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Montreal, November 2, 2020 – Wilder Harrier, a Quebec brand known for making alternative protein-based dog food with a low environmental footprint, is launching a dog food made from Asian carp. This innovative product is now distributed in most Quebec pet stores. The food will be available in the rest of Canada starting in January 2021. You can also order it online at and have the product delivered directly to your home. DOG FOOD MEETS ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION In addition to offering an innovative, nutritious protein base that’s excellent for dog health, the new product helps to protect waterways. “We’re proud of providing dog owners with an eco-responsible alternative. From now on, they’ll be able to ensure the well-being of their faithful companions and take action for the environment by protecting North American aquatic ecosystems from an invasive carp,” said Philippe Poirier, co-founder of Wilder Harrier. The Montreal company is working with American fish harvesters to incorporate Asian carp into its original recipes. Asian carp are already well established in certain Quebec rivers. By developing this expertise, the company is positioning itself to become a Canadian leader in the fight against an undesirable fish that threatens habitats needed for the reproduction of indigenous species. WILDER HARRIER, A REVOLUTION IN CANINE NUTRITION Wilder Harrier’s crazy adventure began in Montreal in 2014 when one of the founders came across a UN study suggesting that insect protein could be a solution to many food supply problems. In November 2016, after months of research and development to find the perfect recipe, the company launched its first product: cricket protein dog biscuits. Today, other ingredients, such as farmed insects, algae from the Gaspé Peninsula and leftover fruit and vegetable pulp from Montreal juice manufacturer LOOP, are used to make a complete line of innovative products for dogs. These products—food, treats and dental sticks—are available in stores and online. They’re prepared with allergen-free, environmentally friendly recipes in Quebec.

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Wilder Harrier's crazy adventure began in Montreal in 2014 when Phil came across an intriguing UN study suggesting that insect protein could be the solution to many of our food supply problems. The arguments were so compelling and the solution so simple that he couldn’t get the idea out of his head. A few days later, his best friend, Paul, and his brother, Mat, joined the adventure. All owners of dogs with sensitive stomachs, they decided to explore the potential of this new protein to create a sustainable, hypoallergenic dog diet. In November 2016, after many trials and sheets of burned cricket cookies, they launched their first product: cricket protein dog biscuits. Later, the product line was expanded to include other innovative local ingredients—kelp and wakame from the Gaspé Peninsula and leftover fruit and vegetable pulp from Montreal juice manufacturer LOOP. Today, silver carp is making a debut in Wilder Harrier's kitchens, revolutionizing the diet of Canadian dogs with a new environmentally friendly product that contributes to the fight against this invasive species.

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From left to right: MATHIEU POIRIER (Marketing director and cofounder), Canucks (Chief tester), PHILIPPE POIRIER (CEO and cofounder), PAUL SHENOUDA (CIO and cofounder)

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What are ASIAN CARP?

Asian carp include four invasive carp species: bighead, black, grass and silver carp. The latter are one of the most prevalent species in the Mississippi and Illinois rivers due to their extremely high reproductive capacity. Silver carp are a voracious fish threatening river ecosystems because they devour large quantities of aquatic plants, up to 20 per cent of their body weight, every day. Their behaviour disturbs lake- and riverbeds in addition to depleting food sources and protection areas for indigenous species of fish. Adult silver carp weigh up to 100 pounds, endangering both the environment and the safety of recreational boaters. Troubled by the noise of boat engines, silver carp (also called flying carp) can jump up to three metres out of the water, posing a threat to passengers. It’s been said that one of these flying fish can have the impact of a large bowling ball. Wilder Harrier sources silver carp meat for dog food production from commercial fishing groups in the State of Illinois in the United States, where there’s an overabundance of the species. Their fishing method is highly targeted and sustainable compared to large indiscriminate fishing operations. Small boats with a few fish harvesters deploy nets designed specifically for capturing silver carp. These nets let 99 per cent of fish indigenous to the region pass through while trapping the silver carp. Through its expertise in canine nutrition, Wilder Harrier contributes to the fight against this invasive species.

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The sustainable Fish Formula

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Client Reviews

My dogs absolutely love the new formula! We’ve had no flare-ups, as we have been using this kibble exclusively. I’m so incredibly happy to report that!

Caitlin Foster

I am sold! My dog swallowed it all at once. She was excited as soon as I opened the box!

Johanne Pilon

Diego loved the food so much! I'm going to change for this one. He's going to be sad when the bag ends, he's never eaten food so quickly


My dogs love it! And I think it's really a great initiative that it’s with Asian carp.

Simonne Raffa

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