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man·i·fes·to | /,manə-festō/

: a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government.

Current agro-food sectors such as chicken and beef farming are leading man-engendered polluters, surpassing cars—as much as 25% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock factory farming. This is astronomical and must be curtailed. One of the ways we are contributing to abating this problem is by pioneering a shift to alternative protein-based nourishment and thus severing dependencies to these detrimental sectors. When it comes to feeding your pet, we believe the answer should be both healthy for them, and healthy for our planet.

We believe

that alternative proteins are key in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One way of contributing to the health of the environment is to sever our ties to polluting sectors. By reducing the demand for these industries, the hope is that they lose relevance. This only functions in light of a viable alternative. The world is ripe with different options if we are willing to go on cultural adventures to find them. Consider seaweed, mushrooms, flowers and even other invertebrates - let’s find out together!

that food is fuel. So when it comes to health, we don't cut corners—we believe we must always strive for the optimal choice. To us, this translates as what is most natural, unprocessed, and whole, as well as least detrimental to the planet. Wholesome ingredients are packed with nutrients. This means that the weight of our products accounts for the actual quantity of delicious goodness you are feeding to your dog. In other words, everything that finds itself in our products is there because we want it to be.

that all animals should be treated fairly and humanely. On the ethical spectrum, raising crickets for consumption is more ethical than farming livestock. Crickets naturally breed in cramped environments—the same cannot be said for cattle or other large animals. Since we are unable to photosynthesize, we must unfortunately source our energy from other organisms—our aim is to do this in the most ethical and responsible way possible.

that adoption is the only option. The only way to eradicate supply is to stop the demand. For this reason we refuse to support—whether directly or indirectly—any organization that fosters the existence of puppy mills, as they are uselessly cruel. The statistics do not lie: millions of dogs are left homeless every year in North America and are truly deserving of a forever home. As such, we are partnered with local shelters to promote adoption as the way to go when looking for your best friend.

that everything we need for a healthy life exists in the world around us. We believe in sourcing ingredients in a way that minimizes nefarious impacts on the environment and provides the best intake of benefits, health-wise. For this reason, we scour ingredient options that are local–a smaller carbon footprint means less pollution. We look for ingredients that can offer the maximum benefits when consumed whole, that do not require fillers or sugar to compromise for lack of content and taste. This means no skimping, lots of research and being willing to think outside the box. This is our commitment to you and to our planet.

that every human being should have access to sufficient, affordable and healthy food. One of the biggest challenges in our future as species is the exponential rise in population numbers coupled with limited resources. We are at a time when we must adjust as a society and shift our focus towards food resources that address problems like plenitude, cost and availability in order to achieve desirable results: more people fed, healthily, with less. The reality is, we need to rely on proteins that are sustainable and assure us a future world to live in.

in a holistic approach. This means that our performance evaluation shies away from financial quantification and derives meaning in its environmental impact. In other words, we get our kicks from making a tangible difference in the health of our planet. Nature should work with us, not for us—we must respect our place and always give back as much as we take.

in helping others. We are more than proud, as part of our social vocation, to be partnered up with organizations orchestrating the social reinsertion of people with disabilities into the workforce, they truly are our helping hands.

that we are meant to be outside—that in a world promoting hyperconnectivity, it is sometimes forgotten how the great outdoors can make us feel connected in our minds and bodies. We encourage humans and their dogs to get outside, eat clean and run wild.

in the importance of community. We aim to foster a community of caring and engaged individuals whose respect of the earth is expressed through their love of their canine companions. Here, you’ll find people who, like you, are attracted to the wilderness, excited about playing outside, interested in all living things and eager to live a well-balance life in sync with nature. This is place to learn, share and grow.

We would love to have you onboard and part of the Wilder Harrier family—join us as we explore newer, healthier and innovative ways to feed our furry friends and make a positive impact on the environment.