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The first dog food with insects as the only protein. Excellent nutritional value for your dog and incredible for the planet! What more do you want?

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Our new hypoallergenic insect-based dog food has everything your dog needs nutritionaly! Try something new and make a difference in your dog’s and the planet’s life!

Our Wilder Differences

Wilder Harrier Insest-Based Dog Food

Your dog is a superhero that promotes radically sustainable proteins that help save our planet!

On top of our novel protein, insects, we avoid common allergens such as dairy, grains, soy or eggs

We add some natural prebiotics and probiotics that helps dogs with sensitive stomachs, and also facilitates a smooth food transition

Like humans, dogs really enjoy switching it up sometimes! Would you like to eat chicken every day? Dogs like to eat something new, and they crave insect protein!

Our food is made in Montreal and we try to use as many local ingredients, even if the price is higher, with a low-temperature extrusion and small batch process. Quality first.

Insects use 2000 times less water than beef, 100 times less gas emissions, and promotes circular economy

Insect rearing is a humane and cruelty-free practice. Insects go into hibernation and feel no pain

Ethical - Supports Animal Welfare
Radically Eco-Friendly
Made In Canada Local And Premium
Something Really New For Your Pup!
Easy On The Tummy & Easy Transition
Other Popular Dog Food

Ok, your dog is still a superhero… but just a little less cool!

Conventional protein sources and ingredients are overused, which leads to most cases of intolerances or allergies in dogs

Most dog food lack any of those nutrients that help support gut health

Hard to make something really different, when all the ingredients are the same as the other brands.

Most dog foods use high temperature extrusion, which affects considerably the nutrition content of the food. Their focus is on lowering costs.

Traditional protein sources account for 25% of the world’s GHG emissions (more than transport)

Conventional proteins are often sourced from mass production livestock operations, that use unethical practices

What clients think

They loved it so much that at first they thought they were treats!!

- Marie-Chantal M.

Bahia is normally very picky regarding her food but she loves WH!!!

- Alexandrie B.

Ever since Tessie has started WH, she is refusing to eat her old food!

- Colleen L.

The kibbles rehydrate very rapidly, so they are easy to use in interactive ways!

- Maite G.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can dogs eat insects, and are they safe for them?

    Yes, absolutely! Dogs will naturally seek to consume insects when given the opportunity. Dogs have been eating insects for thousands of years and can easily digest them, and love their taste! Studies have shown that insect protein is actually as good or even better in terms of digestibility compared to beef or chicken. Note: only feed quality controlled insect protein sourced from insect farms to your pet and not any insect found outside. Not all insects are edible for animals (nor humans).

  • What are Black Soldier Flies and where do you source them from?

    Black Soldier Flies (BSF) are the specific species of insects hermetia illucens. Contrary to what some people think, we do not chase after common black flies to create our food! We actually use quality controlled dehydrated BSF powder and oil, that come in a uniform and ready-to-use form. We source our BSF from insect rearing facilities located in Canada.

  • Are insects animal?

    Yes, insects are part of the animal kingdom. Therefore, our BSF recipe is considered animal based.

  • Why is the use of insects more humane and ethical than other animals?

    Most experts claim that insects do not feel pain the same way mammals or other animals do. Although they do feel nociception, the sensory nervous system's response to stimuli that is considered harmful, this does not create the sensation of pain. The current definition of pain requires an emotional response, which insects do not seem to have. Also, insects naturally thrive when they are reared in a condensed area, it is their natural inclination. Therefore, there is no contradiction in farming insects and their natural way of being.

  • Why is insect protein considered eco-friendly?

    For many reasons! First off, insects are extremely more efficient compared to conventional proteins at converting food and water into edible protein. In terms of water use, insects require 2000 times less water than beef for example, to produce the same output of protein. They are also much more efficient at converting feed into protein (about 2 to 4 times better than conventional livestock). In simpler words, they produce much more edible protein with the same amount of input than other animals. Moreover, BSF actually consume perfectly clean pre-consumer food waste. Grubs are nature’s most efficient composters. Our BSF actually get all the water they need from the up-cycled food they are fed! By transforming these perfectly good foods into protein, they also reduce the green house emissions that would have been emitted by the methane created by the fermentation of these foods.

  • Where did you get your statistics about insects as food?

    From the United Nations report that inspired us to create Wilder Harrier: Edible insects, future prospects for food and feed security.

  • Can my dog be allergic to insect protein?

    Actually, most dogs digest insects as easily or more easily that other protein. In many cases, insect protein is a great option for dogs that are allergic to chicken or other protein, since they represent a whole different proteinsource. We have not noted any allergic reactions until now, but some studies show some correlation between allergies to crustaceous and insects, since they belong to a similar biological family.

  • Where is your dog food made and how do your ensure quality?

    We manufacture our dog food in Montreal, Canada, with a local partner specialized in the production of different pet food products. We use a small batch and low temperature extrusion method that enables to achieve higher freshness and nutrient content than typical more industrial methods. Our production partner follow the guidelines of the CFIA (Canadian Federal Inspection Agency), and are routinely inspected for quality assurance by independent third parties.

  • How can I be sure that your recipes meet my pet’s nutritional requirements?

    Our dog food was formulated in collaboration with a pet food agronomist expert in animal nutrition that has over 30 years experience in the pet food industry. Our recipe is calibrated to meet the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) requirements for adult dog food.

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