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How to Stop a Puppy or Dog From Chewing Your House Down?

All dog owners know, dogs certainly like to chew! The feeling of dread as you approach your home, not knowing what awaits you and the mess you’ll have to clean up.  And it is oh-so-annoying when you have to chase around your dog or puppy yelling “no!” all the time as they make minced meat out of your socks, shoes, and everything else. 

How To Train Your Puppy?

When training young pups, avoid harsh corrections, and heaven forbid, punishment! Use only positive reinforcement training methods, even when dealing with stubborn and difficult pups.

Top 8 Basic Commands All Dogs Should Know

A well-trained dog is a safe, happy dog - and a happy dog makes for a happy owner! In this blog post, we will highlight some basic commands that every dog should know, and some tips for teaching them.