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Top Most Common Skin Problems in Puppies and Dogs

Skin disorders in dogs are more frequent during the warmer seasons when seasonal allergies to pollen and plants, bug bites, and other allergic reactions are more widespread. It's critical to pay attention to any skin disorders your dog has, even if they look minor. 

10 Most Common Dog Health Problems

Just like us hoo-mans, dogs can suffer from a variety of health problems. From digestive issues to skin conditions, our furry friends can experience a range of different ailments. However, there are some health problems that are more common in dogs than others. 

How to Stop a Puppy or Dog From Chewing Your House Down?

All dog owners know, dogs certainly like to chew! The feeling of dread as you approach your home, not knowing what awaits you and the mess you’ll have to clean up.  And it is oh-so-annoying when you have to chase around your dog or puppy yelling “no!” all the time as they make minced meat out of your socks, shoes, and everything else. 

What To Do If Your Puppy Or Dog Won’t Eat?

Most of our beloved pooches are voracious eaters. It is a rare thing to find a canine that is completely unmotivated by food! So when your dog noses listlessly at the food bowl or simply doesn’t seem interested in food, alarm bells should start going off. Yikes. Is Fido sick? Is it the food? Or what’s going on? Fret not. Just like humans, a loss of appetite can be natural, but might also indicate a more severe medical problem. 

How To Train Your Puppy?

When training young pups, avoid harsh corrections, and heaven forbid, punishment! Use only positive reinforcement training methods, even when dealing with stubborn and difficult pups.

Top 8 Basic Commands All Dogs Should Know

A well-trained dog is a safe, happy dog - and a happy dog makes for a happy owner! In this blog post, we will highlight some basic commands that every dog should know, and some tips for teaching them. 

How To Adopt Or Foster A Dog From A Warzone 

About 3.5 million people1 have fled Ukraine. Some refuse to leave their dogs and some are left with no choice other than to leave them behind. There are a large number of puppies and dogs being displaced, abandoned, and left behind. 

Wilder Harrier Green Friday Initiative

This year, Wilder Harrier signs up for the Green Friday challenge! As you surely know, the last Friday of November is organized as Black Friday. We believe that Black Friday now represents a Western tradition of exaggerated consumption that fits into an unsustainable production model. Since we still want to spoil you, Wilder Harrier offers you a brainstorming exercise on your thoughtful buying actions!
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