Caitlin & Ken, & their five rescues dogs

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We work with a rescue in Michigan. We get dogs that have special needs, that are on their last leg. We are giving them a home so that they can experience love. This is our spryest group; our youngest one is eight and our oldest one is thirteen! They all have their own special medical issues that we must address daily. We have one that cannot eat chicken, or pork, and we have another one that is super picky and does not like to eat anything, period. Our Chinese Crested, Gremmy, he gets itchy over everything. We have to be very careful with their treats and food. 

I came across the advertisement for Wilder Harrier online and decided to look into it. I thought, this is a single-source protein that dogs are not exposed to so there is less of a chance of them having any allergic reactions. Sure enough, this food makes feeding time far easier. We do not have to worry about having to feed everyone a different kibble depending on their dietary needs.

We only take in the ones with special needs because it is totally worth it. Suzy, our Brussels Griffon, was used as a breeding dog. She was attacked by another dog and was severely injured. She lost an eye in the attack. She is my princess. I carry her everywhere, like a baby. Our last little guy, Mort, we were all set to take him in, and then the rescue called us, saying that his jaw was shattered and that they did not think that he would make it past a couple of weeks. Since they had him under already, they offered to put him to sleep. We said no. We went to get him. When we travel to the rescue in Michigan, it is an eight-hour round trip. But we still went to get him. We came home with this little guy that ended up being the sunshine of my life. We had to get his jaw re-wired and he had three jaw surgeries. But he was the most amazing dog. Again, one of my little babies. They said he had two weeks to live but we got a year out of him.

 It just so happens that I have too big of a heart. We were only supposed to pick up one dog originally and things kind of snowballed from there. My groomer says that I have something called “broken wing syndrome”. Because I have a broken wing, I tend to gravitate towards the animals that do too. I see myself in them. It is so worth it because these guys, they have been through a lot and they have so much love to give. It is always sad when we lose them, but I am okay with my heart breaking so that theirs does not have to break anymore. A lot of people say that they don’t understand how we can take in dogs that are only going to be there for a short period of time, but I don’t understand how anybody can’t. They love so much more. These guys…you are the sun and the moon and the stars to them. And that is the thing that makes it worth it.