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Client Reviews

They loved it so much that at first they thought they were treats!!

- Marie-Chantal M.

Bahia is normally very picky regarding her food but she loves WH!!!

- Alexandrie B.

Ever since Tessie has started WH, she is refusing to eat her old food!

- Colleen L.

The kibbles rehydrate very rapidly, so they are easy to use in interactive ways!

- Maite G.
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Our products Impact to date

  • 73,290,271 L
    Of Water Saved

    Crickets need a bout 2,000 times less fresh water than beef, while seaweed doesn't need any!

  • 255,912 KG
    Of Fruits And Veggies Saved

    Through our partnership with LOOP to save fruits and veggies that would be thrown away and by using insects that are fed on upcycled ingredients!

  • 137,404 KG
    Of Co2 Saved

    Crickets emit 99% less greenhouse gases than beef while seaweed has a net negative footprint!

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